Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Our wealth management process integrates prudent investment management with planning solutions and tax management to create your total wealth plan. We deliver a coordinated approach, working together with your professional team to maximize the value of the financial decisions in your life. Our goal is to partner with you to build a disciplined, yet flexible strategy to help you navigate through life's events. Your needs change with time and we aim to be your financial advocate at every stage of your journey.

At Halpern Financial we utilize a disciplined, scientific investment process that focuses on each client's unique objectives and risk propensity. Founded on the principles of asset allocation and asset class diversification, portfolios are designed to mitigate controllable risks and maximize after-tax returns. We believe these are the most critical elements of the investment planning process. The six tenets of our investment methodology are Managing Investment Costs, Asset Allocation, Portfolio Structure, Tax Management, Institutional Investments and Continuous Portfolio Management.

These tenets work together to deliver an investment plan that offers personalization, diversification, coordination and management. Our strategy is based on an approach that can weather any financial climate.

Halpern Financial specializes in the design and ongoing management of customized investment portfolios for our clients. Portfolios are developed with each client's objectives, risk tolerance and time horizon in mind. Whether building or preserving wealth, our disciplined investment methodology looks to control all that is within our control to reduce portfolio volatility, limit tax consequences and improve the probability of long-term investment success. To learn more about the development, implementation and monitoring stages of our investment management process click here.

Halpern Financial is strictly a "Fee Only" Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm.  The only compensation we receive is an Asset Management Fee directly from our clients.  We take a true fiduciary oath with our clients which means we do not receive compensation from any other source whatsoever. Our fee is billed quarterly, in arrears and a one-time client establishment fee is assessed when we begin working together.

Halpern Financial can also provide advice on a variety of financial issues throughout the phases of wealth accumulation, wealth distribution and wealth preservation to the extent they are required.

Retirement Planning:

  • Retirement Projections
  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Qualified and Non-Qualified Retirement Plans
  • Required Minimum Distributions Monitoring 

Investment Planning: 

  • Portfolio Design and Implementation 
  • After-Tax Investment Planning 
  • Pre-Tax Investment Planning 
  • Real Estate 

Cash Flow Planning:

  • Budgeting
  • Cash Reserve Strategies
  • Debt Repayment Schedules
  • Buy vs. Lease Dilemmas
  • Mortgage Analysis
College Planning
  • College Projections
  • College Savings and 529 Plans 
Tax Planning: 
  • Tax Efficient Portfolio Design 
  • Coordination with Tax Professionals 
Estate Planning:
  • Estate Planning Fundamentals 
  • Coordination with Estate Planning Attorney 
  • Multi-Generational Wealth Transfer
Charitable Planning:
  • Donor-Advised Funds
  • Private Foundations
Risk Management:
  • Review and Analysis of Insurance Needs

Please Note: The scope of any  financial planning and/or consulting services to be provided depends upon the needs of the client and the terms of the engagement. Please review Important Disclosure Information set forth in the last section of this web site.

Client Experience

We believe clients deserve a long-term advisory relationship based on integrity and trust, which fosters open communication, encourages candid advice and promotes innovative strategies. We embrace our role as listeners to best understand what is important to you.


Discovery - Our complimentary discovery meeting will center on learning about your financial needs and goals, while giving you the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the values, philosophy, and capabilities of Halpern Financial.

Wealth Profile - After your discovery meeting, we continue the data gathering process using the Wealth Profile. This provides an overview of your current financial situation, helping us become more aware of your concerns and objectives, and organize and prioritize your goals.

Review and Recommendation (R&R) - Incorporating information from the discovery meeting and the Wealth Profile, we will develop a comprehensive Review and Recommendation report. This report provides a clear picture of the strengths and weaknesses of your current financial situation and presents strategies to help reach your financial goals and objectives. 


Working Together

Engagement and Establishment - Upon engaging Halpern Financial as your advisor we will begin establishing accounts and initiating the transfer process. During the establishment process we keep you informed of progress through proactive communication making it a simplified and seamless experience.

Portfolio Development Report - During the establishment process we prepare a Portfolio Development Report. This report details your customized target portfolio allocation based on your objectives and risk propensity and includes specific steps to reach your target portfolio. We use a number of techniques to ensure your portfolio is implemented prudently, including "in-kind" transfers, value-based dollar-cost-averaging and downside protection measures.

Monitor and Review - By its definition wealth management is an ever-changing process and the approach needs to be flexible to adapt to life events, changes in the markets and economy, as well as new regulatory legislation. In addition to regular portfolio rebalancing and performance reviews, we believe it is essential to regularly assess progress towards your goals and objectives.

Please review Important Disclosure Information set forth in the last section of this web site.

Firm Values

Halpern Financial is founded on the values of integrity, objectivity, transparency and fiduciary responsibility. We believe these values are the cornerstone for a successful advisory relationship. We focus on the financial needs of our clients in a manner that eliminates commissions and reduces investment expenses to institutional levels. We act in partnership with our clients, working to improve their financial education and understanding of their financial objectives. 

Our clients benefit from several key attributes that differentiate our firm:

  • Fee-Only - Compensated only by fees paid by our clients, we do not accept commission or referral fees, allowing us to always act in our clients' best interests
  • Independent - Independence breeds objectivity, with no broker-dealer affiliation or obligation to specific investments
  • Registered Investment Advisor - Subject to regulatory standards set by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Institutional Access - Utilizing low-cost institutional investments and protective trading tools not available to retail investors 
  • Transparency - Regular performance reporting, independent 3rd party custodians, and no hidden fees 
  • NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisor - Adhering to the rigorous standards and requirements of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA).

Our mission is to help clients attain financial security and peace of mind. We assist our clients in defining, quantifying and prioritizing their objectives and goals. We then help our clients achieve financial success according to these goals by establishing a framework for action and a timeline for achievement. All of this is accomplished with a tailored and professional strategy, while providing exceptional service along the way and leveraging our strategic alliances for your success.

Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles place clients on the path towards achieving financial success. These five principles lead logically to deliver a prudent wealth plan that offers personalization, diversification, coordination and management. Our approach is founded on wealth management strategies that aim to weather any financial climate.

Manage Investment Costs

  • Work with a "Fee-Only", independent Registered Investment Advisory firm, providing unbiased, objective investment advice
  • Reap the benefits of institutional access 

Investment Methodology

  • Customized portfolio design matched to your objectives and risk propensity
  • Asset allocation investing based on proven strategies that aim to minimize and control risks

Financial Consulting

  • Financial consulting for your personal goals and objectives
  • Develop an integrated approach to your financial plan and customized investment strategy

Client Service 

  • Proactive client service, dedication to financial advocacy and portfolio education
  • Continuous monitoring of your portfolio and quarterly reporting and reviews

Tax Management

  • Tax efficient investing strategies seeking to maximize After-Tax returns
  • Cost Basis recording and analysis

Strategic Alliances

  • Partner with your existing advisory team and leverage our firm's professional relationships 

Please review Important Disclosure Information set forth in the last section of this web site.


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