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Bridge the Gap Program

As a fiduciary, one of Halpern Financial's driving motivations is to be one of the "good guys" in the financial industry. We take pride in always doing right by our clients, and we take that same approach in our community.  Recently Halpern Financial formalized this process with our Bridge the Gap volunteer time off program.

In addition to the existing paid time off benefits, Halpern Financial team members may take two days per year fully paid to help a charitable organization of their choice. This amounts to an entire month of Halpern Financial hours dedicated to our local community.

Why offer volunteer time off? It allows every team member to be a HERO.

  • Help: Be a force for good in the community
  • Enrich: Volunteering not only enriches the community, but it enriches oft skills, like collaboration and leadership.
  • Reward: VTO paid leave helps to retain and attract talented team members
  • Opportunities: Volunteering creates team-building opportunities and opportunities for the less fortunate in our community

They make more dollars every day…but time is finite and even more precious! How we choose to spend our time and energy matters and can make a lasting impact. All of us at Halpern Financial hope you will join us to “Bridge the Gap” between today and a better tomorrow… at your company, and in the world!

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