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Outgrowing Your Advisor?

If you're potentially a qualified investor for the Halpern NEXUS platform the likelihood is that you already work with an advisor, and you wonder from time to time if you are getting the service you need. If you feel you need additional private wealth strategies that are custom fit to your needs, then this program is likely for you. If it isn't as obvious if your needs have grown past the abilities of your current advisory team, then hopefully this quick video helps you evaluate if you are receiving the optimal service level for your needs.

Feel like some of your needs are being covered appropriately by your current team?

Let us show you how and why your wealth should be protected and managed to:

  1. Protect your Family Legacy
  2. Plan for your Cash Flow Needs
  3. Efficiently invest to reduce your tax burdens

Wondering why so many apply for and are turned away from this level of service? Simple, most clients don't need the level of service you obtain by being a NEXUS client. Elite wealth advisory strategies are for complex investment and financial planning needs that most people just don't have a use for. This is why our NEXUS platform is designed exclusively for qualified clients who:

  1. Have $15,000,000 or more in invest-able assets or
  2. Have executive stock benefits accruing or vesting totaling over $5,000,000 and/or
  3. Generate yearly taxable income of over $900,000 per year 

Your lifestyle will continue to create a pipeline of consistent, custom built financial planning strategies that are coordinated with your CPA, Estate Attorney, Business Advisors, or any other strategic partnerships you have. By creating customized solutions for each situation our experts will constantly challenge your entire advisory team to protect, optimize, and grow your net worth at every decision.

Case Studies: The added value of NEXUS coordinated wealth management.

Case Study #1: Tax efficient investing - what the difference is and what it means to ultra high-net worth families.

Case Study #2: How to grow your net worth by giving away assets - how avoiding estate tax increases your family's wealth.

Case Study #3: Tax reduction strategies for vesting stock options - balancing execution, liquidation, cash flow and taxes from IPO success.

Case Study #4: Optimized cash flow planning - managing your tax rate while creating income for years to come.

Does this sound like you? Contact Us

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