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Transparency can be really, really important.

For decades, the financial industry thrived by keeping investors in the dark.

It was fairly common for investors to be completely unaware how much they paid their advisor each year because the fees were hidden in pages and pages of prospectus legalese. 

You wouldn’t hire any other professional without understanding what you get in exchange for the cost, so why should financial advice be different?

We prefer educated investors. And we'll help you become one.

Halpern Financial has been fee-only, fiduciary and independent well before it was in vogue. We do not receive any compensation other than our clients’ fee, and we have no relationship with any bank, broker or insurer. This independence provides peace of mind for our clients because our sole loyalty is to them. 

We help clients figure out how to bridge the gap from where they stand today to a better tomorrow. Take our retirement quiz to find out how you're doing on your financial journey so far.

Find out where you stand today with your finances.

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