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Fee-Only Private Wealth Management

Halpern Financial is strictly "fee-only". Our Management Fee consists of two parts, an initial one-time Client Establishment Fee (CEF) and an annual percentage of assets managed. This covers all-inclusive, holistic wealth management services. We do not sell any products with fees or commissions. We do not assess separate fees for financial planning services; this is all included. This structure places advisor and client on the same side of the table. The only way we are incentivized is to grow your assets under management—not to sell you proprietary products laden with fees and commissions! Our only stream of revenue is directly from our clients for our private wealth management. 

Client Establishment Fee

The Client Establishment Fee covers the preliminary work done during the initial stages of the client relationship. The CEF includes the Review and Recommendation Report, establishing accounts, and all other initial wealth planning analysis necessary as we begin our relationship. This fee may be debited from the client's account or paid separately. The CEF ranges between $1,500 and $6,000 based on client complexity and needs.

The CEF is a one-time flat fee payable within 30 days of signing the Investment Advisory Agreement. 

Management Fee

Management Fees are automatically deducted on a quarterly basis from your accounts. The fee is assessed in arrears on the first day of each calendar quarter—in January, April, July and October (example: 1% annual fee/0.25% per quarter). If preferred, clients can request to pay the fees directly and will receive an invoice each quarter.

Our tiered fee schedule ranges between 0.20% to 1.20%. This fee structure provides discounted rates as your assets grow and again, helps create incentive for our team and our clients to build long-term generational family relationships. 

Minimums & Fee Structure

The minimum size for beginning an investment advisory relationship with Halpern Financial is $2 million, except for existing clients and their families. We assess a 1.20% annual fee on accounts under $1 million. Accounts above $1 million are assessed according to the standard tiered fee schedule. Halpern Financial may waive its Client Establishment Fee or charge a lesser 1.20% Management Fee based upon certain criteria (i.e. anticipated future earning capacity, anticipated future additional assets, dollar amount of assets to be managed, related accounts, account composition, negotiations with client, etc.).  

We want you to read the fine print. Really!

As fiduciaries, we have a commitment to complete transparency. That means we’re happy to share the nitty-gritty details of how we run our business, how we get paid, and how we protect our clients’ personal information. It’s not exciting but it is important for clients to understand and have the ability to ask any questions they have.

The ADV is a two-part form all financial advisors submit to the Securities and Exchange Commission annually along with Form CRS. Our ADV and Form CRS are always available online and new clients receive a copy. Existing clients receive both annually or when updated. 

ADV Part 2A

The ADV Part 2A, includes information about the types of advisory services offered, the fee schedule, the investment advisory business, ownership, clients, employees, business practices, affiliations, and any disciplinary events.

Form CRS

Form CRS is a two-page, plain-English summary of our services and relationship. Form CRS is delivered when an existing client opens a new type of account or we recommend a rollover from a retirement account.

ADV Part 2B 

The ADV Part 2B includes, disciplinary information, conflicts of interest, and the educational and business background of management and key advisory personnel.

Privacy Notice

Our Privacy Notice details how we use and safeguard client information.