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Fee-Only, Independent, Fiduciary 

Halpern Financial is a fee-only, independent fiduciary. That means we always put our clients’ best interest first, and we work to make sure that you have what you need for success in your financial life. While everyone’s destination is different, we have the expertise and tools to chart a tailored path to help you achieve your financial goals. 


fee only percentage of AUMWe receive no compensation from any product, provider or transaction. Rather, we charge on a “fee-only” basis (a percentage of assets managed). We are paid solely by our clients to give advice and manage their portfolio.


independent We have no affiliation with any bank, broker, or insurer, and we avoid all conflicts of interest. Our loyalty is firmly to our clients.

A Registered Investment Advisor

registered investment advisor

We are subject to regulatory standards set by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Institutional Access

institutional fundsOur clients benefit from the same exclusive access and cost savings as institutional investors. This access is typically not available to individual investors.

Great Listeners

great listenersOur clients share their financial hopes, dreams, and fears with us. They trust us not only to handle the financial complexities of their lives, but also to understand what is important to them and provide guidance on the path to achieve financial goals.


transparencyOur independence allows total transparency about our offering. You wouldn’t hire any other professional without understanding what you get in exchange for the cost. Why should financial advice be different?

Benefits of a Team Approach

Our Halpern Financial team is comprised of multiple financial advisors, portfolio specialists, topic experts, and industry leaders. Our clients benefit from the sum of our team’s talents and knowledge in financial planning, portfolio management, and personal finance education. Our whole team works for you and you can expect to work with our whole team. Our mission is to create a strategic plan which provides a holistic wealth management approach, increase your net worth and solidify your financial independence.