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Investment Methodology


Our investment philosophy is influenced by Nobel Prize-award-winning research on Modern Portfolio Theory and Efficient Markets by economist, Eugene Fama. His work set the stage for modern portfolio management and provides a great starting point to find the ideal asset mix for each client’s needs, all while weighing potential risks and returns.       

With this research as a foundation, we use a disciplined and scientific investment process that focuses on each client’s unique objectives and risk tolerance. Our portfolios are designed to mitigate controllable risks and maximize after-tax returns by focusing on long term wealth planning needs, minimizing investment costs, and prioritizing tax efficiency. The combination of these efforts allows our clients to keep more of their returns and is designed to deliver a more consistent investment experience. 


We leverage our knowledge, research, technology, and process to build your comprehensive plan. We focus on factors within our control, not those factors based on short-term predictions of equity or bond markets.

Regular Rebalancing

Rebalancing is the only way to improve your probability of consistently buying low and selling high. Very few individual investors actually rebalance because it "feels" counter-intuitive to buy “losers” and sell “winners". We assume market downturns will occur when we build a plan. It is easier to turn market volatility into an opportunity for our clients with regular rebalancing. A 2019 Vanguard study shows that investor portfolios perform better if investors work with a trusted advisor to design, implement, and stay the course of their long term plan.

Tax Efficiency 

We take tax efficiency into account on a variety of levels, giving consideration to specific investments, cash flow needs, share lot tracking for tax loss and tax gain harvesting, and your individual tax situation. This includes holding the right securities in the right type of accounts and monitoring the tax implications of gains against losses. The strategies we design for tax-deferred, tax-free and after-tax accounts are tailored to take advantage of specific investment types to maximize your wealth while limiting and minimizing taxes. 

Low Institutional Costs

The funds and ETFs we select in our clients' portfolios have low expense ratios. This keeps more money “in your pocket” to grow through the power of compounding. Because of our size and institutional access, we are also able to trade free of cost and only use products free from commissions and other hidden fees.


We perform regular performance reporting, use independent third-party custodians, and present no hidden fees. You have 24/7 access to your portfolio performance and reports.