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Ebook: Find Your Financial Safety School Thumbnail

Ebook: Find Your Financial Safety School

Creating a college list based on target, reach, and safety schools is very commonplace. However, too often, the college list ignores a crucial factor—whether they’re within your family’s financial reach.

The good news is that there are many paths to find your "financial safety school." In Halpern Financial Wealth Advisor Melissa Sotudeh's choose-your-own-adventure ebook, Find Your Financial Safety School,  you can focus on just the information that is relevant to your family. You will learn how to turn "financial reach" schools into "financial safety" schools, plus:

  • Resources to find the true cost of college--and lower it
  • The college savings "plan" to avoid at all costs
  • How to build a college list that focuses on true return on investment for your student
  • Mistakes to avoid when spending college funds
  • College preparation checklists for parents and students

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Learn How to Find Your Financial Safety School

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