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Northern Virginia Magazine Awards 3 of HFI's Own Thumbnail

Northern Virginia Magazine Awards 3 of HFI's Own

Halpern Financial is pleased to announce we've received more accolades!

HFI's Ted Halpern, Melissa Sotudeh, and Dan Trumbower have all been named this month among the "Top Financial Professionals" for 2021 by Northern Virginia Magazine.

To be considered, one had to be nominated by our financial professional peers, guided by the question "If you had a close friend or relative who needed financial planning advice, and you could not handle the case yourself, to whom would you refer them?"  We are proud to say that Ted, Melissa, and Dan were among the few who received the most nominations.

Click Here for the full list of 2021 and previous years' winners.

Halpern Financial only participates in listings based on objective criteria and/or nominations from peers. The firm does not participate in pay-to-play award programs.