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Now is When Planning Pays Off. Thumbnail

Now is When Planning Pays Off.

Like you, we are all receiving emails from every company we’ve ever given our email addresses to. Rather than adding to the panic, we wanted to send a message of reassurance.

Of course, COVID-19 itself and its spread is concerning. But as a fiduciary, always acting in the best interests of our clients, we take steps on multiple levels to prepare for the unexpected and ensure we can continue to operate smoothly for our clients.

We have the technological capability to perform all client transactions virtually—and are quite accustomed to doing so. As a dual office environment, we’ve been ahead of the tech curve for a long time. Our technology suite allows us to work anywhere, at any time, in a manner that protects our clients’ cybersecurity and privacy.

Clients can connect with us as they always have. For many years now, we have utilized a internet phone system that permits us to operate seamlessly from anywhere. We are also happy to meet with you via video conferencing, or a secure screen share.

At Halpern Financial, excelling past the 'standard' is routine. If you’re a client or retirement plan participant, you’ve already received commentary about the steps we continue to take in the portfolio to prepare for and take advantage of current market conditions. This week our technology providers and Fidelity, our custodian, provided guidance on certain procedures to follow during these highly volatile days in the markets. We already followed these procedures as part of our regular processes—and in fact, exceeded the best practice suggestions for all.

None of these are new developments. Embracing technology and best practices for our clients is just what we do!

We work in an industry that has some of the absolute strictest demands on cyber security and emergency preparedness. We exceed the recommended requirements at each level.

We’ll continue to keep you posted on developments as they unfold in this very fluid situation.

Halpern Financial Client Technology Suite

A summary of the technology we provide for clients to simplify the management of their financial lives--securely.