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Legacy & Estate Planning

Protection and preservation are the name of the game when it comes to estate and legacy planning. Our team offers creative and tax-efficient wealth preservation strategies that safeguard both your assets and your wishes.

In your Halpern Financial Dashboard, Bridge, you can see a flow chart of your estate plan over time. This allows for a visual comparison of estate planning techniques as they could be applied, which allows us to make the best choices for your estate and your heirs. 

We also work with the other members of your family to help get them off on the right foot by projecting their income amounts based on different gifting strategies and restrictions ahead of time. We can teach them how to avoid scams and maintain privacy as inheritors and guide them on how to improve the generational wealth in their care. 

Throughout our relationship, we will always coordinate with your chosen legal counsel to review and effectuate your estate plan to make sure your heirs aren't in for any costly or frustrating surprises. Alongside your attorney, we set up any trusts, accounts, or permissions that enable the seamless effectuation of your plan. Let’s protect the future of your wealth and family — together.