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It’s been a very newsworthy year—Halpern Financial team members have been quoted in the media or authored personal finance columns 21 times (and counting!) so far in 2016. We feel it is important to educate the public on the importance of a fiduciary standard and sound financial basics, and we want to make sure you have the opportunity to read these pieces too if you haven’t already!

Whenever we have a new “media mention,” we share it via a banner in our weekly blog, and we keep a record of all past press within our individual bios, and in the Archives page. Here are a few of the highlights from the first half of the year in case you missed them!

Articles by Halpern Financial Advisors

Ted Halpern

President and Wealth Advisor

Debunking 5 Emergency Fund Myths

When is it okay to use emergency funds? And what about when you retire and can withdraw from retirement accounts? We get questions about this topic from time to time, so we wanted to provide you with 5 emergency saving myths and truths.

Closing the Bank of Mom and Dad

Over 1 in 3 American families give financial support to adult children for various reasons. Learn how to break the cycle of dependence in this article.

Melissa Sotudeh, CFP®

Wealth Advisor

 It's a Marathon, Not a Sprint: 4 Stages of Retirement Planning

As an avid runner and a certified financial planner, I see many parallels between the marathon world and the world of personal finance. Both require a strategy and the discipline to stick to that strategy to reach your goal — be it reaching mile 26 or retiring to Florida.

Teaching Money Skills at Every Stage of Your Child’s Life

No dessert until you eat your vegetables. Share your toys. Be nice to your sister. It’s funny how so many of the lessons we learn as children only become more important as we grow older!


Media Mentions

Ted Halpern

President and Wealth Advisor

"7 Essential Money Questions Sure to Start a Conversation." New York Times. 

“Tell me about your financial situation when you first met… Imagine if I could have offered you a deal back then where 20 years later, you would be married with healthy children and your own business with your current income. Would you have signed that contract?”

"Top Tips for Moving to a Low-Tax State,” Investopedia

“If you move to a great school district in the new state, property taxes may be significantly higher.”

Melissa Sotudeh, CFP®

Wealth Advisor

"Strategies for Students Too Rich for Financial Aid, Too Poor for College." U.S. News & World Report

"Thirty years ago, putting your kid through school was like buying a car. Now it's like buying a house.”

What Financial Planners Wish You Were Doing About College Savings.” Forbes.

“Open up your search beyond the ‘brand-name’ schools to consider smaller colleges that often provide generous merit aid to attract students.”

Kirsty Peev, CFP®

"What Falling Ultra-Rich Ranks Mean for the Rest of Us," MSN

“In a historically low interest rate environment, borrowers are being rewarded and savers are being hurt.”

Jennifer Davis, CFP®

Planning Consultant

 "13 Money Mistakes That Are Keeping You in Debt." SELF. 

“Switch your perspective from seeing paying down debt as a sacrifice, and instead think of it as taking control.”

Carla LaFleur

Communications & PR Coordinator

Making Connections: How to Create and Cultivate Your Personal Network.” Goodcall.

“…it makes a better impression to be a good listener and ask smart questions rather than trying to pitch your skills from the get-go.”


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